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Learn English Grammar Tense Part-1

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Learn english grammar-tense
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Tense Part-1

For the previous article we have discussed about the importance of learning English as a second language and why we all have to learn this International language. Today we are going to discuss about tense so that we can learn tense of English grammar easily. If you did not read our previous article please click here and follow us on Facebook click here.

English is based on Tenses. Without Tenses, it is difficult to learn English Grammar. If you want to learn English, write error free and speak fluently then you should improve your Tenses first.

What is tense ?

Simply, we can think about an watch. The watch is showing the current time so we can consider this as present tense. secondly, sometimes ago it was showing a time which we can say as past tense and on the other side, it will show different time after the current time which can consider as future tense. From this very simple concept we get three points of time.So, basically we are getting three types of tense.

Let’s discuss about the first point: Present Tense

Okay so, now you can realize that what you are doing currently or what is the current situation on any task is called present tense. Like, The financial crisis of the nation is in control now. It’s an example of present tense. Here the example sentence is describing the present or current situation of the financial crisis of the nation.

Let’s discuss about the classification of present tense:

There are four types of present tense. 1)simple present tense 2)present perfect tense 3)present continuous tense and 4)present perfect continuous tense.

We have to learn all those four topics with proper individual example one by one on our next article. Please continue reading our next few articles.

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