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Nowadays vast people are unemployed and the perfect reason is they are unskilled. They need to improve their skills and want to escape from unemployment. In Bangladesh, this problem is a big problem. They are finding jobs and trying to boost knowledge our goal is to collect job information from reliable sources so that they can get time to time update for job updates and apply.

Also, we are trying to publish some knowledgeable articles, tips, tricks, tutorials, etc. so that they can also read our blog to gather some knowledge. Our serial tutorials from experts are really helpful. But the most important thing is to get the correct information. We are very serious about the accuracy of our information.

What an opportunity for you?

Our tutorials are opened and free to all. If you are an expert on any sector related to us and if can write an article on this, please send your article via Email directly: jobslightbd@outlook.com your article will be published on our website with your name. Your article will help thousands of people and you will get popular. In the future, you will get priorities.

Activity on social media is more important to us. Our valuable information is also publishing on social media so that it’s getting easier for people to find information.

Last this we are trying to improve our services, collecting most important. Valuable tutorials, articles from experts. Many people are requesting to publish more articles because our previous articles are too good for them.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or suggestions for us.


Jobslight Bd Team.

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